The stories on this site were recorded at the National Storytelling Conference or StoryNight.
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Enough is Enough

told by Harriet Cole click to listen Harriet Cole Once upon a time I wrote an historical novel called Macbeth’s Mother. Yes, that Macbeth. I was intrigued by his (probable) half-brother, Thorfinn the Black, of Orkney, who had an equal … Continue reading



told by Rivka Willick Click to Listen Willick About the Story Patricia is a true story.  It’s about people we remember and those we take for granted. It’s about people we ignore and those we will never forget. I’ve told … Continue reading


Scat Rap

by Doug Elliott Click to listen elliott The Scat Rap was first created in 1988 at a “Music and the Environment” workshop at the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, Tennessee by a group of naturalists, including Andy Bennett, Mary … Continue reading